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Chevon Powell – Amazing Woman of Courage and Service
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Camp Janus

What is Camp Janus?

Camp Janus is a unique recreational, therapeutic, and educational opportunity for children and young adults (ages 5-18) who have recovered or are recovering from burns.

Our mission is to offer burn survivors life skills helpful in handling the unique challenges of their individual, lifelong recovery.  We promote an environment where burn survivors can become the best versions of themselves possible, where they can thrive in today’s world, and where they can continually go beyond barriers.

What is the Camp Janus weekend like?

Camp Janus is a four-day sleep-over Summer camp for children and young adults, aged 5 to 18, who are burn survivors. The weekend is a life changing experience, we hope to subsidize camper or even make it completely free for campers with your support—including transportation to and from camp.

Campers enjoy activities like swimming, paint ball, arts & crafts, book fair, basketball, canoeing, rock walls, fishing, photography, nature trails and more.

Participants are from the surrounding area, and have full parental or guardian consent. Enrollment is limited and must be approved by the Camp Janus board.

Who are we?

Camp Janus has always been run by a community-focused volunteer Board of Directors. The Board works closely with local organizations, key sponsors and others like you.

Volunteers from these organizations, as well as adult burn survivors and others with special humanitarian interests, staff the Camp Janus weekend. All volunteers are individually selected and approved by the Camp Janus Board.

How do we fund Camp Janus?

Every day donors like you—who want to see our young burn survivors thrive—are at the heart of Camp Janus.

Our campers are very grateful for the support and generosity that makes their special camp experience possible.

If you would like to help send a child to camp please visit our donate page .

Upcoming Events

Sundaes Outside: A Celebration of Black Folks (virtual)5-Part Series

September 19, 2021
Refuge Outdoor Festival 

Carceral State Interviews


BLUES REPORT Interviews Farmers Market, Federal Way Wa,

Host: Reco Bembry

This podcast is made possible by support from BUILD206 B.U.I.L.D. Brothers United in Leadership Development, and voices like yours! — Send in a voice message:

In this session, we have interviews with Law Makers, Community Advocates for Change, and BIPOC family members discussing impacts and solutions to address the harms done by the Carceral State. Incarceration, probation, police brutality, and inequity in the criminal justice system. The Carceral state cripples our BIPOC economy, removes the potential for great leadership, separates fathers, mothers, siblings, and erodes the traditional family structure. The carceral harm leaves in its wake additional pressure, and oppression for those left to defend our community’s dignity, values, and integrity. Listen to the Peoples speak.

Carceral State – Inequity

Source – VOA- Educational Purposes Only


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BLUES REPORT – The Introduction to a collection of digital storytelling, voices, interviews, learning shorts to illuminate the poeples plan. Thanks to our community partners, contractors and community voices. BUILD206, Seattle Office of Civil Rights, Black Box Productions, Roger Evans , Elfalan It Consulting and voices like yours.

Introduction “David Elfalan”- Opening to the BLUESREPORT – a collectionof digital storytelling, interviews, learning shorts, capturing the BLUES experienced by our community moment by moment. Daily mainstrem populations experience the NEWS Report , while daily we experience the BLUESREPORT. Check out our contributionto The Peoples Report. SpecialThanks to our supporters, BUILD206, ElfalanIT Consulting, Black Box Productions and community networks near you.


A collection of Voices from community about community. Here we will illuminate a collection of digital stories about the BLUES REPORTS of BIPOC communities experiencing the impacts of the Carceral State, “Incarceration, Policing, Probation and the Court system to name a few. Racism and Systematic Oppression is a significant part of our BLUES, 50% of incarcerated young men, Black and Brown Boys under 24 years old are 50% of the jail/prison population. Families decimated by the decisions of the courts, prison system and those hidden victims left behind such as children, parents, friends and community members. Lets talk about it podcast, digital story telling and more

See Mass Incarceration Video below